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Part of the Solution,
Not the Problem

Part of the Solution,
Not the Problem

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Direct Care Administration is a best-in-class third-party administrator (TPA) and integral to administering self-funded benefits. DCA was founded to find healthcare solutions for employers in a world that has traditionally been controlled by insurance carriers.

Our Mission

Simply put, DCA’s goal is to collaborate with employers to align their employee benefit plan with their company’s long-term business goals. We do this by peeling back the layers of the complicated, high-cost benefit plans that insurance carriers have dictated. Before DCA, employers had little to no control over their healthcare costs which are often the second largest expense in their company.

DCA has helped hundreds of employers find thousands of cost-saving initiatives to bring spectacular savings to their benefits plan, without sacrificing employee coverage. Our unique tools work in real-time to empower the members to make good healthcare decisions, ensuring they aren’t being overcharged for a healthcare service that can be done better at a different facility for less money.

We’re proud that for over 20 years we’ve been decreasing the burden of healthcare costs for employers, helping them bust out of the bureaucratic molds insurance carriers seemingly place on them. We believe that information is power and are constantly working with our employer groups to give them what they need to feel confident and secure in the knowledge that their benefits plan is successful.

Our Mission - Direct Care

Management Team

Tana R. Taylor

President & CEO

With over 35 years in the insurance industry, she has used her results-driven, hands-on approach to management to propel DCA to be a leader in the TPA space. She believes that collaboration and innovation are imperative in this ever-changing world. If she’s not developing innovative solutions for clients, you’ll find her adventuring in the outdoors with her best friend and husband.

Michelle Ross

Director of Operations

Michelle has worked in healthcare for 12+ years on both the provider and payer sides of the industry. She has her MBA from Brandeis University and is passionate about working with at-risk youth, being physically active and spending time with friends and family.

Brittany Booth

Account Executive

Brittany has a strong background in eligibility, COBRA, and pharmacy. She received a bachelors in Economics from University of Utah. If she isn’t helping the DCA clients, you can find her four-wheeling, at the lake with her family, or curled up with some cozy slippers and a good book.

Jenny Brady

Stop Loss Supervisor

Joining DCA over 10 years ago, she has extensive experience with claims processing, group checks, and stop loss. When she’s not working, she enjoys being outdoors camping or enjoying the lake. In bad weather, you’d probably find her crafting or reading.

Justin Estheimer

Marketing Director

In 2021, Justin transitioned from property and causality insurance to the employee benefits space. He assists brokers with the quoting and education process of self-funding. When he’s not working, he enjoys going on outdoor adventures, like fly fishing, backpacking and anything outdoors, with his wife.

Barbara Burns

Claims Supervisor

With over 15 years of experience, Barbara ensures timely claims processing and quality customer service for DCA clients. When she’s not working, you can find Barbara with her family, probably fishing, hunting, or other exciting outdoor activities.

Christina Taylor

Eligibility, COBRA, and Billing Manager

Christina has a Bachelor’s degree in Public and Community Health and a Master’s degree in Human Development and leadership from Murray State University. She’s passionate about seeing others around her happy, including DCA clients. When she’s not working, she’s connecting with friends and family by watching movies, cooking or listening to music.